I can’t be the only one that just cant find the motivation to sit down and  write an essay, its just so difficult to sit in front of a laptop and write about a topic that may be dry or boring when there is better things to do. I’ve tried to take breaks, change my setting and study with friends and nothing worked, its hard to just stare at a screen when there is so many distractions pulling you away from your work. But I have found that turning off the internet and my phone and just having my work up with the promise that if I got my work done I could do whatever I wanted on the night, from playing on my PS4 to napping the night away. Making yourself see the positives in doing your work and rewarding yourself is the way I do my work, I am halfway through my 3 essays due the end of this month and still going. Good Luck to those who are doing exams and have essays due, just relax and don’t stress too much – you’ll be fine!


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