Madrid, Spain – Day Two

Hi There,

So this is part two of the my Madrid diary, I’m just going to keep talking about what we got up to, what we ate and how much I love this place again. We started the day with a slight sleep in, I mean we did so much the day before I think we deserved it and then made our own breakfasts then set off for a day of adventure. We went the opposite way we walked in the day before just to make it interesting and see some more sights. Our first stop was Plaza Mayor, the central plaza in the city and I think this was the sunniest moment all trip, we actually had a moment to sit, watch the views and soak in the sun for a total of 10 minutes. Even though the pictures may look sunny… I promise you it was pretty cold, like Newcastle cold.

Next we just walked through some streets to make our way to the Royal Palace of Madrid which was spectacular view and the gardens were gorgeous, I had to snap up a few photos of it all. Unfortunately we picked the only day of the week that the palace was shut off from the public so we could only admire it from afar. There was people playing musical instruments when we walked past the gardens, it had a Romeo and Juliet vibe going on and I was loving it. We visited the Temple of Debod next on our travels, which is an ancient Egyptian temple that was dismantled and rebuilt in Madrid. By this time of day it was getting cold and our stomachs were growling so we headed off for food at an local Italian- I got stuffed salmon pasta with cream sauce and walnuts and it was amazing! This day was less exciting than the previous one, but we still explored and experienced a new culture and I’m so happy I got to do that!

Below are some pics of my travels & I’ll see you in the next post.

The final part shall be out shortly.

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Every corner you look at there’s a bit of graffiti and it just adds to this citys culture.


Plaza Mayor, the central plaza in the city.


Walking around the streets, once again looking for shops to go in.



The royal palace of Marid


Views for the Royal gardens next to the palace, can’t believe the sun came out for these pictures.


Another one from the gardens.


So tempting


chilling by the Temple of Debod.


Salmon stuffed pasta for tea!




Madrid, Spain – Day One

Hi there,

So this trip was one of those spontaneous I-want-to-go-away but I don’t know where moments, I had a random week off work and I knew I had to escape Newcastles cold grasp and the temptation of Greggs just for a few days. I thought I would test my luck by looking at Sky Scanner and BAM the cheapest flights were… a drum roll please… £47 both ways to Madrid. I still don’t get why they were so cheap but I pressed checkout, found a cheap hostel, persuaded my sister to come with me and that was that.

I’m going to skip the first day of travelling to get to Madrid, I promise you’re not missing out on much, just the typical boring stuff like delays, drinking pints and arriving at 10pm with no idea how to get to our hotel. But we made it. ANYWAY before I ramble on, let me get on with this. So our day started with us waking up with our stomachs rumbling and our exploring heads on ready to go, so off we went for breakfast. Our hostel was located straight in the centre which meant we were two minutes away from the high street and most of the cafes. We went into the first place we saw had the word coffee which was pans&company which i’m assuming  is one of the chain brands around Madrid. Even though I love more independent businesses I must admit it did an amazing serrano (deli ham) baguette with brie cheese and a caramel latte, so that put me in a great mood to start the day.

After our stomachs were satisfied we checked out the fashion high street and visited some brands I’ve seen in the UK such as two H&M’s, dragged into a five story Primark and checked out some other stores like Pull&Bear and Bershka. After following my sister round the shops for a few hours it was time for our next food stop, a cute little Italian called Oven Mozzarella Bar which did the most amazing three cheese pizza, I fancied going with a classic. I bet you’re wondering by now where the Spanish food – the paella, the wine, the tapas… and I was asking myself this too but wait till day three and I promise it’ll be worth it.

Our next step after this was simple, explore. We wandered off down a path, followed the crowd and ended up sight-seeing a few popular tourist spots. We walked down a street called Calle de Artes and saw monuments like the Fuente de la Diosa Cibe and Puerta de Alcala before visiting my favourite spot in Madrid… the Retiro park. I can’t even tell you how pretty it looked, perfectly mowed lawns, flowers and a giant lake with people on chilling on boats, it was just perfect to take a break and do my favourite activity, people watching… ANYWAY after sitting and chilling for a while we visited one of the most breathtaking buildings called Palacio de Cristal, the whole place was made of out glass and steel and reflected the light in a pretty way, one of my favourite spots on this whole trip for sure.

Okay so that much pretty sums up day one, after the whole sight seeing acting like tourists we basically went to the shop eat our weight in pastries and slept like a babies, tired from a day of walking, exploring and shopping. Below are some pics of my travels & I’ll see you in the next post.

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Chelsie x

Drinking plenty of Lattes to help power the long walks through Madrid… that was my excuse anyway.

Each of these post stick notes had the word love in different languages.


Content with our pizza and pasta after our morning shopping till I drop.. Laura wanted to keep going.


The architecture was bloody amazing


Puerta de Alcala




Estanque grande del Retiro, the most wonderful park.


Outside the Palacio de Cristal, such a pretty building.


The whole building was made from mostly glass & the floors had inscriptions of peoples names.


How I’m Keeping Up With My New Years Resolutions

Hi There,

So in my depressed time of spending the daunting New Years Midnight moment alone outside watching the neighbours fireworks I decided to write myself a list, one that I would actually stick to this year to make moments like that never happen again. I mean I know its March but I’m sure thats enough time to see if I have stuck to any and give myself a kick up the backside if I haven’t. I want to take life as it comes and make sure I get through my list of places to visit and not waste another year being unproductive.

  • Have a you year

This may be a strange one for most of yous but I wanted to focus on myself this year, to better myself from the year before, to be more positive and to say yes to every situation. I wish to make the most of my last year living with my housemates in Newcastle, I want to look back at my time and think that I gave it my all and had no regrets.


  • Learn how to drive

This is going to be my biggest goal this year, since failing my driving test 4 years ago I’ve been afraid to get back into a car and try again to pass just in case it happens again. But I’m going to kick this fear by the butt and start calling around this lessons this week.

  • Go Travelling

In my exact words I wrote ‘ Go travelling, it doesn’t matter where or how far or what company, just go!’ and this is the one I’ve stuck to the most. On my days off I’ve been filling them with visiting restaurants that has been on my food list for ages and in February I went to Madrid on a random week off work. I want to spend my time exploring and making new memories and hopefully when I pass my driving test (fingers crossed) that can happen more too.


  • Stick with going to the GYM

This one I actually have been doing.. well not as much as I should be like atleast one or two times a week, I’m aiming to up to it to about three maybe four but I love my bed and I find it hard to give up the cosiness and star trek marathons. I just need to find my motivation and channel my inner Kim Kardashian.


  • Do what you love

Under this category I had wrote gaming, reading, writing, watching movies and exploring new places. These are the things that I love doing and I just wanted to make sure I reminded myself what those activities are, sometimes when I’m so caught up with work I forget about what I love doing. But since writing this I’ve completed assassins creed, hosted games night, read five books and found a passion for sci-fi again.

Does anyone else have any revolutions that they’re stuck to or ones that they still need to tick of their lists?

Chelsie x

OOTD – London Edition


So when going to London the first thing I thought of was.. What the hell am I going to wear?! I knew I had to dress comfy as we were going to be visiting the zoo and walking round London, the last thing I wanted to go was complain that my feet were hurting or I was too cold. But my mind was thinking fashion so I came out with this outfit above. Frilly sleeves, culottes and my Pat Butcher earrings ensemble. Let me know what you guys think of this combination and if you would wear this!

Top – H&M

Trousers – Newlook (Now in the sale!!)

Shoes – FootAslym

Earrings – H&M – They’re not on the website so here is some alternative earrings – River Island & Zara

Bag – H&M (found an alternative again)



Pride Edition : Makeup & OOTD

To celebrate this weeks pride event in Newcastle I thought I would share the look I went for and a few insights on how I celebrated pride with my friends.

Unfortunately I was working during the time the pride festival was on the town moor so I missed on that part but that wasn’t stopping me celebrating on the night so as soon as I got home me and one of my housemates began to get ready to make sure we were ready for when everyone else came back. So we begin the glitter journey to how I achieved my makeup pink look. I’m going to insert some close up pictures and after the details of the products I used and links to where I got the glitter from.


I wanted to go for more of a pink toned look and add a pop of colour in the eyes to match my bodysuit but with a nude lip to balance the whole thing out. Below is all the details on what products I used to achieve this pink look, let me know if you have used any of them and what you think!


  • Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer
  • Maybelline Fit me Foundation
  • Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Kit
  • Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder
  • Sleek Face Contour Kit
  • Sleek Highlighting Palette ‘Solstice’

Eye Brows

  • Benefit Ka-Brow Cream Gel
  • Benefit Ready Set Brow Setting Gel
  • Benefit Boi-ing Concealer


  • Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay Palette
  • I Heart Makeup Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Palette
  • Sleek Highlighting Palette ‘Solstice’


  • NYX Lip Liner ‘Mauve’
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip ‘Moca’
  • NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss ‘Clear’



Body Suit

Skirt (not the exact same skirt but the most similar one on the website I could find)



CWC  x



OOTD: Simple Night Out 

Sometimes for an night out you just cannot be bothered with all the layers or different elements to an outfit and that’s what I was feeling when I was packing an outfit for a night out at home for a friends birthday.

I ended up choosing this simple poplin white dress with a blue embroidered flowers on the chest paired with a simple pair flatform. I feel like the poplin style of the dress is currently the trend for casual dresses and finding this dress I just knew I had to buy it. I had tried on a few of these types of dresses in Zara but for some reason none of them suited my body type until I found this beauty. Down below is the details of what I’m wearing.


Dress – Primark

Shoes – Newlook

Rings – H&M

Review: Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette

I’ve finally got my hands on this gorgeous eyeshadow palette! So HAPPY! Hannah, one of my housemates, had an amazing trip to the Big Apple and I couldn’t help but ask her to get me this palette on her trip. Ever since seeing it released on the Tarte website I knew I had to get my hands on it and now they finally are. But with it being an American brand that was a difficult task as I wasn’t willing to pay shipping tax and no English websites sold it to my knowledge. Down below is my review of each colour with swatches & in another blog post I’ll be looking at the different eye looks that you can do with this palette.


Okay to start, the packaging is stunning! The simple black and gold makes it look very sophisticated and a palette you would front face on your makeup stand. It comes with a handy eyeshadow look book which goes through what colours you could use to create some looks.


The first matte row is the perfect combo for a warm natural eye and i am in love with the shade ‘classic’, its the perfect all round lid shade for a base and a bonus is that its creamy and easy to blend. The shade ‘smoked’ is so pigmented however not as creamy as the over shades which made it a little harder to swatch. These colours I can see myself using daily.


For the second row I think that the shade ‘vintage’ is a perfect lid share again like ‘classic’ its so creamy. The darker shades ‘no filter’ and ‘vamp’, be careful with them in a good way they are extremely pigmented and a little goes along way.


The third row consists of more pinkish tones, ‘chic’ and ‘profesh’ are going to be beautiful together and ‘mod’ will definitely be getting used for a crease colour. I only had a slight problem with ‘drama’ that is was alittle harder to swatch as it was patchy in colour.


The fourth row is perfeccct for a warm toned smokey dark eye night out kind of look, ‘indie’ and ‘bold’ are lovely by themselves and the shade ‘punk’ is the black everyone needs in a palette.


Regarding the shimmers I was very surprised by these and in really in the best way. The first thing is the what I thought the blue shade ‘trendy’ was but it turns out to be a duo chromed shade was so unusual, I don’t own anything like this shade so I’m looking forward to trying it out. When I first swatched the shades I must admit I wasn’t impressed with how blinding they weren’t but I came back to the palette the next day and tried again and this changed my mind completely. The pictures below show this, maybe I just had to take off the first layer for the colour to come through but now I love these shades on my eye lid and can see myself using them for a long time.


I would 100% recommend this palette to anyone who loves mattes, it doesn’t have the most bright in your face kind of colours but that is what I love about this eyeshadow colour. Has anyone else tried this palette? What did you think of it?