New Makeup Set Up

Moving house really made me think about how little storage I had for my makeup, it was all in bags that I rummaged through everyday, messy and didn’t look like I was taking care of things that I loved. To change this I searched through the trusty amazon website and found a lovely practical acrylic holder which I had to get!  (Its the first one if you type in the search bar ‘makeup holder’ for £12.99) I couldn’t find a make-up brush holder  I liked the look of online so I browsed the Wilkinsons and found a bathroom toothbrush holder with a white reflective mosaic pattern which is perfect to hold my makeup brushes in and it was only £3.00. Having a new makeup storage area and organised draws makes it so so so much easier to do make-up on a morning, I’m still not there I need to find something to put my lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes in I’ve got waaay too many to store on this one set.



A Change of Focus

So recently I have really got into make-up.. yes I know it isn’t like me at all but I now find myself watching more and more make-up tutorials on YouTube figuring out that the way I have been doing my face is all wrong OOPS! I spend less time in bed before work and more time actually getting ready and spending time on me, I’ve found a love with drug store makeup the ‘dupes’ of high end and thought I would share my own opinions and maybe help myself along the way 🙂


I can’t be the only one that just cant find the motivation to sit down and  write an essay, its just so difficult to sit in front of a laptop and write about a topic that may be dry or boring when there is better things to do. I’ve tried to take breaks, change my setting and study with friends and nothing worked, its hard to just stare at a screen when there is so many distractions pulling you away from your work. But I have found that turning off the internet and my phone and just having my work up with the promise that if I got my work done I could do whatever I wanted on the night, from playing on my PS4 to napping the night away. Making yourself see the positives in doing your work and rewarding yourself is the way I do my work, I am halfway through my 3 essays due the end of this month and still going. Good Luck to those who are doing exams and have essays due, just relax and don’t stress too much – you’ll be fine!

‘The Testing’ – Book Review

I recently came across this book on my Kindle which was in the recommended section after reading Divergent. I was alittle sceptical at first but I do enjoy the genre of a dystopia future and anything remotely similar  to the Hunger Games trilogy is a yes from me. This is one of those books that you just cannot put down and stay up at night reading because you want to know what will happen next. It is based on the world after the seven stages of war and now the leaders have issued a challenge for choosing potential leaders to rebuild the  – The Testing. The heroine, Cia Vale has worked her whole life with one goal in mind which is to be chosen and when she does she ends up undergoing the most gruelling and stressful series of events designed to separate the strong from the weak minded. For me this book hits all the right factors; adventure, romance, surprising twists and a well written storyline. Cia is one of the best heroines I have read in this type of genre since Katniss and for me the book would not work without this type of character narrating the events around her and watching her character development is exciting and adds more to the plot. Joelle Charbonneau does a wonderful job in her deliverance of this world and successfully makes this story her own and I cannot wait to read the rest of this trilogy. I would highly recommend!


How I stay motivated for the gym.

I constantly find myself finding excuses to not attending the gym such as I cant be bothered or I have just have too much work to waste my time, it is becoming a common theme. I pack my bag, get in the right mindset and just do not end up going and its so easy to do. But to fight this I needed a goal, something to work out for rather than just looking at how many calories I was burning on each machine. I started with the goal to lose weight but its easy to forgot that goal especially after a few weeks. So I signed up and paid to do a colour run in May with friends from my university course which is 5k so now I have  goal even if it isnt a long distance. I plan on starting with fast walking for that distance then add in some running every session until I feel like I can run the whole distance. I hope after doing this I will keep running and working on losing weight so maybe I can take part in the Great North Run. I struggle with keeping up running for a long period of time so having this goal is a reason to keep going until I can and go from there. Also making sure my bag is packed with my gym workout clothes, a bottle of water and healthy snacks gives me no excuse because I am just prepared to go. Add this to eating healthy means that my body is fuelled with the right ingredients to run and lose weight and keep me full of energy which I will need with this kind of training. Going to the gym and keeping motivated is hard but its worth the feeling of achievement in the end and that you are doing something good for your mind and body.



Who is ‘ChatswithChels’

Hi there!

I am just a second year student at Northumbria University wanting to write about everyday topics that I find interesting. Rather than focusing on just one topic like my ‘foodinnewcastle’ website, this blog allows me to express my other interests which can vary from gaming to make-up techniques and reflecting on the world around me. I am passionate about the idea of personal expression, I may not be the best writer but there is nothing wrong with trying.